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Från Casa Antigo
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We are Paul and Karen, our house in Tuscany is close to Casa Antigo in the village of Antigo. 300px

2018 was our fourth year here. We usually arrive in May and stay until September or October. Our UK home is in the town of Wikipedia:Conwy on the North Wales coast. We always bring along Nelson our dog, so we journey here by car.

There are some wonderful places nearby which we would love to share and hopefully it will make your time at Casa Antigo more enjoyable.

River walks and swimming rivers[redigera]

There are two rivers within a short drive from the house. Both rivers have deep swimming pools, small waterfalls and with swimwear and footwear can be walked.

Soliera (10 mins by car)[redigera]

Driving directions

  1. From Casa Antigo take the road down in the direction of Fivizzano
  2. When you reach the bottom of the road turn right and continue through the villages of Posara, Moncigoli and Soliera
  3. You will arrive at the "T" junction of the Fivizzano to Aulla road. Park on the left just before the junction.

Walking directions

  1. Walk over the road bridge and cross the road. There is a track next to the entrance to a house marked "private".
  2. Take the track down to the river. The starting point is under a high level Railway bridge.

If you walk up stream you will find swimming and walking routes. Look for Red deer on the right.

Soliera-river-1.jpeg Soliera-river-2.jpeg

Pallerone (20 mins)[redigera]

Driving directions

  1. From Fivizzano take the road SS63 towards Aulla.
  2. You will pass through the town of Pallerone. Look for a tall red chimney on the left. This is in the old military base.
  3. When you find the red chimney turn left after the garden shop, opposite an inflatable football academy dome.
  4. Drive straight through the old military base.
  5. At the end of the road turn left and continue along the road for about 2 km. There is a small parking area before the bridge.

A deep pool is under the bridge and you can walk both ways in this river.

Pallerone-river-1.jpeg Pallerone-river-2.jpeg

Other favorite spots[redigera]

Lago Gramolazzo[redigera]

Lago di Gramolazzo is a beautiful swimming and water sports lake set high in the mountains. The water is warm and clear. Stretching for about 1.5 km Gramolazzo is dam controlled supplying electricty for the area. Along the side of the lake are bars and restaurants with a greater selection in the town 2 minutes away. We understand that canoe hire is available but we are yet to find them open. Perhaps week ends? There is a campsite on the side of the lake. The best time to visit is late June to August after that time the water level may be low. ( we went in mid September to find the lake had been drained due to the demand on electricity that year)

Drive time 45 - 50 minutes. The road is slow in places due to some of the bends and the villages you pass through (it is the main "A" road to Lucca) and suitable if you have a hire car.

Driving directions

  1. From Fivizzano take the SS63 towards Aulla, after passing the two swimming pools on the right look for a left turn towards Equi Terme.
  2. Take this fast stretch of road until it becomes narrow. do not turn right towards Equi Terme
  3. On the same road head for Casola, pass through and you will start to climb the mountain pass towards Gramolazzo
  4. you will arrive at a short road tunnel at this point continue down the hill to the town of Gramolazzo.
  5. the lake is just after the town on the right.

Parking is available at places by the lake or in the pay car park. Lago-gramolazzo-1.jpeg