Problem Solving


Cannot change the wash setting

Known problem. Use the setting ECO 50, its the only one that works well regularly.

White residue on dishes

If the dishes and/or dishwasher begin to get a white residue which can be removed by rubbing a finger on them, then there are overly high levels of calcium in the water. This means its time to refill the salt:

  1. Buy sale per lavastoviglie(dishwasher salt), you can buy at Conad; 1kg för €8
  2. Unscrew the round lid in the bottom of the machine on the left side
  3. Pour in the whole packet or until the compartment is full
  4. Screw the roung lid back on
  5. Done


The bottom feels slippery

Not enough chlorine has led to an algae coating on the pool floor.

Follow the weekly instructions in: Pool Maintenance ; measure the chlorine levels and if necessary add a chlorine tablett.

There is a layer of dirt/bugs on the bottom

Naturally, some of the algae, leaves and bugs which die from the chlorine will sink to the bottom.

Follow the monthly instructions in Pool Maintenace in order to vacuum the bottom.

Kitchen Stove

Run out of gas

The gas tank is stored on the terrace in front of the house. There should be a full tank, standing next to the one which is connected. Change the hose from the empty tank to the full tank.


Keep the house cool in the summer

See the separate article: Keeping the House Cool

Keep yourself cool in the heat

Perhaps seen as obvious, but worth a read:

  • Wake up early so you can enjoy the cooler morning weather, take a siesta between 13-16 and stay awake later into the night.
  • Drink a lot of cold water. Drink an extra glass before you go to bed.
  • Bathe in the pool often. Stay in long enough to really cool the body down – this way the cooling effect will last longer after you exit.
  • Take a long swim in the pool in the late evening before you go to bed.


The network does not show up for connection

Make sure the white router is connected to power and turned on. There should be green lights on the router.

Can connect, but no internet

Make sure that the incoming internet cord is properly connected into one of the ”ports” on the back side of the router.