A few things that can be good to know, sorted by category.


Here are some estimates of transfer time by rental car from some arrival airports. Time is from Google maps, roads with road tolls.
– Pisa, 1:15h
– Firenze, 1:45h
– Bologna, 2:15h
– Milano/Linate, 2:20h
– Milano/Bergamo, 2:40h
– Milano/Malpensa 3h


Network:  TP-LINK_9E8AE3
Password: written on the board in the living room, also written under the white router in the living room corner. The WiFi should work throughout the entire house, however not by the pool. If any issues, see: Problem solving.

All garbage must be sorted for recycling

In Fivizzano comune, all garbage must be sorted into: 
– plastic
– glass and metal
– paper/cardboard
– unsorted (for all other then above).

There is a garbage sorting bin in the kitchen corner with three containers, where you sort your waste into plastic (blue plastic bag), paper (no bag), and unsorted waste (grey bag). There is also a separate brown container for organic waste (degradable bags of green-ish color). New bags are found in the marked drawer in the kitchen (second to the bottom drawer).

There are bigger containers in the pizza house – as a “middle station”. When needed, empty the containers into the garbage bins on the road, located in between the village and the church. To empty the unsorted waste, you will need a key card, which hangs on a nail above the containers in the pizza house.

On departure, ALL garbage bins in the kitchen and the pizza house must be emptied. It is not part of the cleaning, but up to you as individual guest.  


There is no ‘house phone’ at Casa Antigo, so you will need to use your mobile phone to connect. However, due to the thick 15th century stone walls, mobile phones do not connect well inside the house, with the exception of the big bedroom on the upper floor. If you need to connect inside the house, use any of the WiFi call services you would normally use.  Outside the house, especially by the pool, the service normally works fine to make calls or send/receive messages.

Drinking water

The tap water is drinkable. However, it is common to drink bottled water for taste. You can buy your water in stores, but also take refillable bottles to Rometta (about 15 min drive) and pay 0.05 cents per litres, with or without bubbles. 


To clean a load of dishes:

  1. Put a dishwashing tablet in the bottom of the cutlery holder
  2. Before closing the dishwasher door, press the START button to the left
  3. Press the button to the right that saysECO 50 and the green light should turn on
  4. Close the dishwasher door, and the dishwasher will start
  5. When the machine is done, a red light with light up that saysfine ciclo; to turn off the dishwasher and press the START button again

If you have issues, please see: Problem solving


There is a food market on Tuesdays, but also some nice local stores, and of course the bigger supermarkets. 
Click here for some more guidance and links. Also to cooking classes.  

Pizza oven

In the building in front of the house, on the terrace, there is a real woodfire pizza oven.

Spend an exciting night learning how to make your own pizza.


The pool lights are remote controlled (see: Locating things in the House) Aim the remote towards the green-lidded pump box at the edge of the pool deck.

Automatic cleaning is set up via timed circulation in the pool filter, however it does take some manual maintenance (ex. Removing bugs). See: Pool Maintenance.

If an issue, see: Problem Solving.

Summer heat

Casa Antigo is a traditional Italian stone house. They are constructed to keep cool in the summer without A/C, but few know how this is done. In short, the windows (and shutters!) should be closed as long as the temperature outside is higher than it is inside. If this proves to not be cool enough, see: Keeping the house cool

For how to keep yourself cool, see: Problem solving

A touch Italian

Many Italians won’t speak anything other than Italian with you, but of course there are plenty exceptions. It is often much appreciated if you try to learn some of the language and culture so practicing a few sentences that can order you a cappuccino never hurts. Once you have shown that you are putting in effort (and usually some hand gestures help), it usually ends pleasantly with them understanding enough to help you. From past experiences, French seems to be a good alternative ito English as well.

Locating things in the house

Please see the separate section: Locating things in the house


Some of our closest neighbors that we are in contact with and you may meet in the village during your stay:

  • Paul and Karen from Wales (across the terrace)
  • Adriana from Milano (across the terrace)
  • Lionel from France (next door)