Pool Care

The pool has automatic cleaning, by time-controlled filtering.

Daily Maintenance

Clean the surface of the pool

The water surface needs to be cleaned of leaves and insects with the net (located in the pizza-oven house with the other pool maintenance materials.

Weekly Maintenance

Adjust the chlorine levels

The water test-kit and chlorine tablets are in the pizza-oven house on the terrace. The water test is done by filling the two containers to the line and adding four drops of yellow solution and 4 drops of red solution into them and compare the result to the color scale.

If necessary, a chlorine tablett can be added into each skimmer at the pool.

Clean the filter

Check the manometer located on top of the filter in the filter well (green glass fiber lid west of the pool). If it reads over 2.0 then the filter needs cleaning.

To clean the filter:

  1. Turn off the pump from the electric panel in the filter well
  2. Turn the filter nob to position 2 ”Backwash”
  3. Run the pump for a few minutes, then stop
  4. Turn the nob to position 3 ”Rinse”
  5. Run the pump for 30 seconds, then stop
  6. Turn the nob to position 4 ”Waste”
  7. Open the valve on the output line marked ”Waste Outlet” to the right of the controls
  8. Run the pump for a few minutes until the water in the translucent little cup on the side of the tube becomes clear.
  9. Stop the pump, close the valve marked ”Waste Outlet”
  10. Set the nob to position 1 ”Filtration”
  11. Start the pump, the pump switch must be in || position

Monthly Maintenance

Clean the bottom of the pool

When needed, you find the pool vacuum in the pizza-oven house.

  1. Take the long handle from the pool cleaning net and attach it to the brush of the vaccuum.
  2. Attach the vaccuum hose to the same brush and sink it all to the bottom of the pool, keeping the long handle above water.
  3. Make sure the hose fills up with as much water as possible.
  4. Unscrew the lid for the intake located along the long edge of the pool and attach the other end of the hose.
  5. Open the taps labelled “Drain Long Side” (A.F.) och “Drain Bottom” (P.F.) in the pool filter compartment (with green lid).
  6. Close the tap labelled “Skimmers” (SCH)
  7. Change the switch for the pump from “II” (timer) to “I” (continuous flow)
  8. Vaccuum the bottom. If it isn’t sucking well enough you can close the tap labelled “Drain Bottom” (P.F.)

Clean the screen

When you vacuum, alot of waste collects on the screen in front of the pump. This needs to be emptied and cleaned after vacuuming.

  1. Make sure the pumps power switch is set to “0” (off)
  2. Close all valves; 3 before and 2 after the pump
  3. Open the black wheel above the plastic lid of the filter
  4. Remove the screen, empty it and set it back (the opening in the screen should be facing the incoming water)
  5. Screw the black wheel back in

When you are finished cleaning

  1. Open the tap labelled “Skimmers” (SCH)
  2. Close the taps labelled “Drain Long Side” (A.F.) and “Drain Bottom” (P.F.)
  3. Open the two taps located after pump “1” and “1-3” (water supply for the pool)
  4. Change the pumps switch to setting “II” (timer)